As of September 9th, 2018
After getting a notification from Apple that it has been a while since I have updated the application, I have decided to just remove the application from the App Store opposed to update it.


I, Eric Smith, am the only one working on the game. I don't have any plans for anyone else to do any work on the game itself (excluding testing) either, just like with Puppy Love.


Starship: Collector is a puzzle game that can be thought of as a sequel to Puppy Love, but with a different theme.


Starship: Collector available for use on the iPhone and iPad running OS 6.0+ and was previously available for purchase on the App Store.


Starship: Collector [v1.0.0] was released in the US on January 31st, 2011.
v1.0.1 was released on March 13th, 2011.
v1.0.2 was released on May 30th, 2011.
v1.0.3 was released on February 20th, 2012.
v1.0.4 was released on March 22nd, 2012.
v1.1 was released on July 21st, 2012.
v1.1.1 was released on January 31st, 2013.
v1.2 was released on September 18th, 2013
v1.2.1 was released on May 5th, 2014
v1.3 was released on August 7th, 2015
Starship: Collector was removed from App Store on September 9th, 2018


I am no longer working on this game, since I don't want to deal with the multitude of new screen types Apple has added to the iDevice ecosystem since the last update.

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